Potevio Attended 2017 ITU Telecom World


2017 ITU Telecom World was held in Busan, Korea from September 25 to 28. Potevio’s exhibited solutions and products were in the hot spot field of industrial development, showing the company’s innovation and charm in standing at the frontier of technology trend.

Auto driving technology in this exhibition is one of typical applications of the company’s R&D of 5G communications network and equipment. It includes three parts, namely cloud control management platform, communications equipment and vehicle device. It can realize lane change in synergy, emergency brake handling, crossing driving, real-time map, route planning, failure warning and auto-driving of remote car driving. At present product laboratory test has basically finished. The whole set of demonstration system is going to be constructed in Shanghai.

TD-LTE 230 electricity wireless broadband communications system is customized wireless communications system for meeting the business requirements of “Energy Internet+” and intelligent grid terminal access network. It has been applied in 13 provinces and cities with the establishment of nearly 20 electricity private networks including the three domestic largest wireless electricity private networks at present.

Big data sharing platform integrates each sub systems effectively and has data access with related modules of smart cities, providing products, project matching and other value-added services.

Comprehensive operation management system of Rail transit command center realizes centralized monitoring and administration from multiple dimensions on resources and business operation conditions. Monitoring of the platform enjoys rich content and clear interface. It provides operation personnel with powerful maintenance management instrument, reduces the cost of maintenance and operation and improves failure detection efficiency.

VIP in the exhibition expressed that Potevio offers new products and new solutions each time in exhibition which fully shows its strength in technology innovation.