Potevio Won First Award of 2017 Annual Radio Management Science and Technology


The project of “Broadband Wireless Access System R&D and Application Based on Discrete Narrowband Frequency”, led by Potevio Information Technology Co., Ltd. with contribution from partner organization, won First Award of 2017 Annual Radio Management Science and Technology by The Radio Association of China(RAC).

This awarded project originates dynamic discrete multi-carrier polymerization technology, coexistence technology of interference analysis and dynamic sensing based on discrete frequency. It also develops domestically leading chips for 230MHz electricity wireless private network baseband with independent intellectual property right, which has filled in the gap in China’s chip technology and product in electricity wireless communications field.

Project achievement has been applied and made demonstration in electricity and petroleum industry, having built domestic largest three electricity wireless communications private networks in Haiyan of Zhejiang Province, Kunshan in Jiangsu Province and Guangzhou in Guangdong Province. These private networks not only meet the business needs of original electricity information collection for smart grid, but also realize two-way real-time businesses including electricity terminal real-time control, remote expense control and distribution network automation.

These private networks can make information collection and control over integration of multiple meters, distributed power generation and charging pile that are related to national economy and people’s livelihood and meet the needs of data sharing in water supply, gas supply and heating supply, solving the difficulty of data collection from multiple industries. They also meet the needs of multi-media communications business including video transmission back that is needed in on-site emergency repair, having improved observability, controllability and intelligence level in energy industry.

The project accomplishment has been made trial applications in more than 10 provinces and cities in China with over dozens of to hundreds of access terminals for single base station.