Potevio Attended “Dialogue with New State-owned Company and Advance in New Age” Serial Interview


Deputy Party Secretary and Vice President of Potevio, Mr. Tao Xiongqiang attended as a guest “Dialogue with New State-owned Company and Advance in New Age” serial interview held by News Center of SASAC and China Youth Computer Information Network on March 2, 2018. Surrounding the topic of “Potevio’s smart technology serving people’s livelihood”, Mr. Tao gave detailed explanation on implementing new development concept, technological innovation, smart elder care and other hot topics related to national interest and people’s livelihood.


During the interview, Mr. Tao answered questions from many aspects including opportunities and challenges of state-owned company reform in the new age, Potevio’s significant science and technology achievements in core industries, Potevio’s strategy and operation model in elder care field and future measures of innovation in advancing state-owned company development. Mr. Tao introduced Potevio’s accomplishments in communications and network security, Internet+, green new energy, innovation and entrepreneurship fields since 18th National Congress of CPC. These innovation practices and results of pilot application from Potevio in serving people’s livelihood set a good social image of the company and showed responsibilities undertaking of first-level state-owned enterprise.


Mr. Tao mentioned that China had entered a new age of economic development. One of the most important features is economy entered the stage of high quality development from previous stage of high speed development. high quality development put more focus on innovation, green development and sharing economy. The support of these new economies is communications, Internet of Things, big data and other information technologies. Potevio is a core support institution for these technologies.


Potevio uses information and smart applications in Internet+ government administration, different industries and people’s livelihood. In every field Potevio has corresponding customized solutions to meet different needs of all walks of life. Potevio is deepening reform in line with requirements of new age, enhance innovation, cultivate new growth point and continuously enhance its core competitiveness and sustainable development capability. The company is undergoing transformation development to a new step, endeavoring to become world first-class enterprise with competitiveness.


After the interview Mr. Tao also accepted interviews from over ten news agency including Xinhua News Agency, State-owned Assets Report, Economic Daily, China Youth Daily and the Policy of The Electronic Newspaper.