Smart Cards


I. Products

To solve the near-field payment problem of SD cards, Potevio launches the following products:

Smart SD cards: Such cards integrate 13.56 MHz NFC chips, and come with socket solutions and antennas.

Dual-interface smart SD cards: Such cards integrate NFC RF and antenna and work in the active mode.

II. Potevio CUP Cards

1. Main features

Support both remote and near-field payment.

Bind with the CUP card at remote payments and store the magnetic stripe information in the SD card.

Support online network transfer and online cash withdrawal functions at near-field payments, which is easy to use.

2. Competitive edge

The remote payment card complies with the CUP Mobile Specifications of China UnionPay.

Have passed the PBOC/QPBOC tests of the Bank Card Test Center.

The non-contact socket for near-field payment cards can be customized.

The card comes with a large storage capacity, which can store images, texts, maps, and other information.

3. System architecture

4. Near-field payment

5. Remote payment

6. Potential industrial customers

Financial institutions such as China UnionPay and commercial banks

Public utilities such as water, electricity, and coal companies

Third-party payment platform

Industrial users such as bus companies and tourism parks

Shopping malls, supermarkets, etc.

III. Potevio Identity Card

1. Scope

Identity authentication for mobile office on the mobile phone

Mobile USB Key for mobile banking

Identity authentication for financial certification center and third-party payment platforms

2. Competitive edge

Hardware encryption algorithm, fast speed, private key not leaking from the card, and high security

Supporting the storage of more than one digital certificates and multi-service operations

Having passed the certification of the State Cryptography Administration

Specially designed for mobile Internet applications

3. Use method

IV. Smart SD Cards' M2M Applications

Wireless independent networking