Non-contact RF-SIM Card


I. Introduction to RF-SIM Technology

1. Structure of RF-SIM Cards

2. RD-SIM card functions

RF-SIM card is a comprehensive service platform integrating functions of common SIM cards as well as functions such as e-wallet, identity authentication, e-note, and situational OTA.

Standard SIM card: compatible with all telecommunications formats such as SIM, UIM, USIM, PIM, etc.

E-wallet: Mifare logic encryption card & PBOC2.0; supporting online card opening and charging

Identity authentication: able to store multiple electronic certificates and VIP cards; supporting real-time network authentication

E-note: e-coupons, movie tickets, airline tickets, driver's license, driving license, etc.

Situational OTA: long-distance digital broadcasting and coupon issuance

3. RF-SIM card applications

RF-SIM card can be widely used in a variety of applications such as electronic payment, identity authentication, and information transfer, thereby promoting the further convergence of telecommunications, banking, and transportation fields.

4. RF-SIM Card-End Solutions

2-in-1 Card: The subscriber needs to replace the original SIM card. Such cards are compatible with over 95% mobile phones.

Mounting card: The subscriber does not need to replace the original SIM card; instead, the SD card can be mounted to the original SIM card for use. Such cards are compatible with all SIM cards and over 95% mobile phones.

Non-contact mobile phones adopt 2.4 GHz RF-SIM card technology. RF-SIM card is a kind of SIM card integrating the capsulation RF communication chips. It inherits all the functions of common SIM cards and can realize short-distance to mid-range RF communications at the same time. A mobile subscriber only needs to replace his/her original SIM card or mount the RF-SIM patch on the original SIM card to change the mobile phone into a real-sense contactless mobile phone without buying a new phone. Then, the subscriber can use the mobile phone to conduct on-site and remote payments and enjoy various value-added services.

II. RF-SIM Business Applications

RF-SIM value-added services can fulfill functions such as on-site payment, remote payment, e-wallet, identity authentication, e-note, situational OTA, etc.


Public transportation: taking the light rail

Online transactions: buying lottery tickets and game cards; VoD

Payment for public utilities: paying water, electricity, and gas fees

Dining: fast food chains, medium-scale hot pot chains, Sichuan cuisine restaurants, coffee shop chains, etc.

Access: Identity authentication at communities, enterprises, and schools

Supermarket shopping: supermarket chains and large-scale supermarkets

Community life: convenient stores, grocery stores, snack shops, etc.

Entertainment: movie theater, KTV, tea house, gym